SHERPA “Final User Forum” in Dubrovnik

The SHERPA “Final user Forum” was held on the 16th and 17th October 2013 in Dubrovnik (Croatia) being organized by the SHERPA project team and the European GNSS Agency (GSA).

The SHERPA project raised high interest and triggered useful interactions with different Eastern European GNSS stakeholders concerning the EGNOS adoption and the implementation of EGNOS based operations (in particular LPVs). 

The SHERPA “Final user Forum” was conceived as a means to give answer to the set of identified needs/doubts/interests collected along the project lifetime by:

  • presenting the methodology, lessons learned and main outcomes/achievements of the project;
  • sharing the real experience of ANSPs concerning EGNOS implementation activities at national level (the five Eastern European ANSPs participating in SHERPA and other two, from Spain and Croatia, as expert and new comer respectively on this topic);
  • providing the updated view about the EGNOS system, steps to follow in EGNOS adoption and the existing initiatives towards the EGNOS implementation.


More than 40 attendees participated in this event including representatives of GSA, SHERPA consortium members, Eurocontrol, industry, airports of Pristina, Pula and Dubrovnik, Civil Aviation Authorities from Estonia, Croatia and Montenegro and ANSPs from Spain, Portugal, Austria, Montenegro, Ukraine and Croatia.

The event gave the opportunity to all the attendees to better understand and boost the needed activities for EGNOS adoption and implementation at national level, to obtain guidance material and references on these topics and catalyze the coordination with other European GNSS stakeholders. The SHERPA Final User Forum understood as a means to accelerate the associated EGNOS processes in a regional coordinated basis was a complete success.

To remark the specific session held concerning the future LPV implementation at Dubrovnik Airport for 2014. The associated technical details, the expected benefits this operation will bring and the implementation roadmap were explained by CroControl (Croatian ANSP) and Dubrovnik Airport representatives followed by a fruitful discussion on procedure design.

ESSP SAS, as SHERPA project coordinator, wants to stress and thank the support and hospitality received by Dubrovnik airport representatives which was essential for the event success and achievement of the event´s goals. Specially thanks also to the contribution received from key EGNOS stakeholders as GSA, Eurocontrol and Aena which provided a great added value and expertise to the event.

SHERPA project provides elements to the participant States in mapping the implementation of EGNOS into their national PBN strategy in a coordinated manner with their national Regulatory Authorities. SHERPA aims to support Eastern countries to understand the pre-operational actions to be undertaken by their relevant stakeholders (ANSPs, regulators and airlines) in support to EGNOS adoption. 

More details can be found at SHERPA project website