SHERPA Final User Forum

ESSP SAS (European Satellite Services Provider), as SHERPA project coordinator, formally announces the celebration of the project Final User Forum in Dubrovnik (Croatia) on Wednesday 16th October 2013, organized in close coordination with GSA (European GNSS Agency).

SHERPA Final User Forum will be focused on presenting the main outcomes and achievements of the project and sharing the real experience of the five Eastern European ANSPs participating in SHERPA concerning the EGNOS implementation activities at national level. External contributors from some of the main EGNOS stakeholders and decision makers in Europe will also support the event allowing the attendees to obtain a whole picture about the needs, interests, constraints, steps and plans regarding the EGNOS adoption in the region.

From its origins, SHERPA Final User Forum is conceived as a catalyst to better understand the regional aviation market specificities and to establish coordination with the most important Eastern European GNSS stakeholders, boosting the needed activities for EGNOS implementation and accelerating the corresponding processes in a regional coordinated basis.

The attendees will also benefit from a second optional day of event, Thursday 17th October 2013, when complementary activities (e.g. visit to Dubrovnik airport premises where an LPV approach will be implemented in the near future) will be performed.

Further details about agenda and venue of the meeting, suggestions for accommodation and other logistic issues will be distributed and uploaded to the SHERPA project website ( in the coming days.

ESSP kindly asks for your early Registration to the event, indicating your participation for one or both days. A social event is being planned for Wednesday 16th October in the evening. Please indicate in your Registration if you wish to participate.

Registration and information at: