SHERPA “EGNOS Services provision” Workshop in Prague

The fifth SHERPA Workshop regarding “EGNOS Service Provision” was held on the 02nd July 2013 at European GNSS Agency (GSA) premises in Prague (Czech Republic).

The main topics tackled during this technical Workshop were:

  • The different EGNOS implementation strategies in the frame of PBN within Europe and the lessons learnt from one pioneer ANSP in this subject, as it is the case of Aena;
  • The overview of the current EGNOS Service provision regulatory framework;
  • The EGNOS Service provision scheme;
  • EASA´s role within EGNOS
  • The activities, services, interfaces and user support tools done and provided by ESSP as part of the EGNOS service provider missions
  • The feedback from the SHERPA consortium concerning the implementation of EGNOS based procedures and PBN strategies. A round table dealing with the main  lessons learnt and difficulties found were discussed during a round table session;

More than 40 attendees participated in this event including representatives of GSA, SHERPA consortium members, EASA, AustroControl (Austrian ANSP), CroControl (Croatian ANSP), Dubrovnik airport and EEGS-2 project consortium.

This event brought the opportunity to all the attendees to participate in the “EGNOS Service Provision Workshop 2013” organized by ESSP on the 3rd and 4th July 2013 in the Czech Ministry of Transport premises. The first day was mainly focused on the EGNOS services status, foreseen evolutions, EGNOS performances in 2012 and on the introduction of EGNOS in aviation. The second day dealt more with multimodal applications based on EGNOS with the support from the GSA.

ESSP, as SHERPA project coordinator, wants to stress the support and hospitality received by GSA in terms of organizational issues which were essential for the success and achievement of the Workshop goals. To thank the contribution received from key EGNOS stakeholders as EASA, Eurocontrol and Aena which provided a great added value and expertise to the event.