SHERPA “Installation and Operational Approval + Business Case” Workshop in Gliwice

The 4th SHERPA project Workshop was held during 30th and 31st January 2013 at the Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science of Silesian University of Technology (SUT) in Gliwice, Poland.

This 2-day event was hosted by SUT that kindly offered Auditorium F of the mentioned Faculty to hold “Installation and Operational Approval” meeting regarding SBAS avionics  (Day 1) and “Business Case” meeting linked to cost benefit analyses  both at airport and operator sides (Day 2). This last day, the SHERPA project Mid-Term Review milestone took place between the consortium members and the GSA, the SHERPA customer, where the technical, management and financial status of the project were presented.

The main topics discussed during both days were:

  • Regulatory framework after the creation of EASA, focusing on AMC documents for RNP APCH certification;
  • EASA certification processes;
  • Equipment qualification and aircraft installation processes;
  • Lessons learnt from first equipped operators;
  • Business Case models;
  • Airport cost benefit analysis upon implementation of EGNOS APV procedures;
  • Aircraft operators and ANSPs SHERPA partners feedback.

This ambitious technical agenda was completed with other supporting activities that SUT organized for the benefit of the whole audience, as it was the case of the LPV simulations at SUT Virtual Simulator Laboratory with support from Pildo Labs and the interesting visit to the i3D Laboratory in Gliwice Scientific Technological Park followed by a charming gala dinner.

More than 30 people participated in the Workshop, including all the SHERPA partners, an EASA’s expert, AustroControl representatives (Austrian ANSP), GSA representatives, CAAs delegates and some Polish organizations representatives with interest in the Workshop’s contents (AIRCOM, GTL, Municipality of Krosno).

ESSP, as SHERPA project coordinator, wants to highlight the excellent technical level and the active participation of all the attendees during the Workshop and the fantastic logistics organization made by SUT that eased the successfully securing of the event´s goals.

More details about SHERPA can be found in the official project website: