SHERPA “Safety Case” Workshop in Istanbul

The third SHERPA Workshop took place last 13th November at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul (Turkey). DHMI (General Directorate of State Airports Authority) as Turkish Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP) and TAV (Tepe-Akfen-Ventures) as Airport Terminals Operator offered Ali Sürmen Meeting Hall of TAV premises as an excellent scenario to celebrate this event regarding “Safety Case” issues on EGNOS based operations, in particular LPV approach procedures.

A wide audience attended this meeting:  all SHERPA partners, external experts from DSNA and Aena and two invited ANSPs from Eastern European countries (Lithuania and Latvia).

The Workshop was intended to draw up the main concepts regarding safety aspects of LPV implementation: Eurocontrol SAM Methodology, lessons learnt from previous experiences in different States (France/Spain/Poland), SESAR WP 05.06.03 APV activities and EGNOS safety related aspects.

ESSP and PILDO Labs, as project coordinator and Workshop technical leader respectively, want to emphasize the high added value of the contents presented and in particular the ones provided by the safety experts of DSNA and Aena based on their expertise in this topic. The event’s goals were totally achieved as most participants expressed at the end.

Finally, it should also be mentioned the excellent coordination and support of DHMI and TAV in holding this Workshop, which eased the event's development.


SHERPA is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme through the European GNSS Agency (GSA), that proposes, aligned with ICAO and Eurocontrol recommendations, an approach in support to the implementation of APV procedures, by undertaking pre-operational actions at local Stakeholders level in a coordinated manner, and to map the implementation of EGNOS into the States PBN strategy.