Second SHERPA Project Workshop held at EANS Headquarters

Second SHERPA Workshop regarding “APV Procedures Design” was successfully held in Tallinn (Estonia) last Thursday, 13th September 2012 at EANS (Estonian Air Navigation Services) headquarters. The European GNSS Agency (GSA), the whole SHERPA consortium and representatives of two external ANSPs (Latvia and Austria) attended the event.


The goals of the Workshop were to provide initial guidance to the attendees from National Implementation Teams in APV Procedure Design in the following areas:

  • APV/LPV concept.
  • ICAO PANS-OPS LPV affected chapters; (design criteria, database coding issues, obstacle evaluation and protection areas, data accuracy, charting, Channel Number assignation ...).
  • Lessons learnt from previous projects, regarding limitations on database coding (i.e. discrepancies between PANS-OPS and ARINC 424 database standard).
  • Specific issues to be addressed regarding data quality assurance.
  • Overview of LPV procedure testing methodology.


Thanks to the good level of technical contents presented, high and valuable degree of participation during the meeting and EANS’s hospitality (as the hosting company), these goals were fully achieved. The Workshop fits perfectly in the project timeline and its outcomes can be used as a guidance to go through the coming technical work packages activities.