Expected Results

While an important number of ANSPs have already expressed their interest to implement EGNOS based operations, most times they do not have a clear implementation plan in support to, and in a wider scope not only limited to APV approaches but to any RNP-APCH and PBN concept.

The SHERPA project is a regional approach managed by the EGNOS Service Provider with the support of an engineering company well experience on activities related to the introduction of GNSS services in the Civil Aviation sector. Under such an approach, SHERPA shall:

  • Contribute to the most innovative Safety Of Life applications based on EGNOS, as the so-called APV approaches, which fill the gap between non-precision and precision approah existing types
  • Contribute to the adoption of EGNOS in the transport domain, in particular inside the Civil Aviation sector, and the introduction of Galileo
  • Provide elements to the participant States in mapping the implementation of EGNOS into their national PBN strategy in a coordinated manner with their national Regulatory Authorities

The activity is dedicated not only to a particular industrial partner, but to all parties in the whole procedure chain: from the ANSP experts, to the final airline user or airport.