During the ICAO 36th Assembly in September 2007, it was discussed about the growing importance of Performance Based Navigation in respect to aviation safety. The recommendations laid down to states in Resolution 36-23 on PBN goals were of particular interest at that time. The Assembly urged States to complete PBN implementation plans by 2009 to achieve

"Implementation of approach procedures with vertical guidance (APV) (Baro-VNAV and/or SBAS) for all instrument runway ends, either as the primary approach or as a back-up for precision approaches by 2016 with intermediate milestones as follows: 30 per cent by 2010, 70 per cent by 2014".

This resolution seemed a good way forward towards the implementation of GNSS based approaches, but at the same time it was quite challenging.

The ICAO 37th Assembly in October 2010 served, among others, to amend the above mentioned resolution in order to include RNAV approach procedures without vertical guidance as an exception in those places where there is no local altimeter setting and no aircraft suitably equipped for APV operations.

On the other hand, Agenda Item 11.4 of the 53rd Meeting of the Eurocontrol ANT (Airspace and Navigation Team – ANT/53)  recognised that, despite of the ICAO Assembly resolution urging states to implement RNAV Approach procedures as part of the global PBN implementation, progress since 2007 had been limited.

ICAO's resolution was given new impetus at the Air Navigation Conference in October 2010, where the above resolution was updated and strengthened. However, response from States to ICAO's request for implementation plans was not as expected. From the information available a the end of 2010, only one EUR State would achieve the intermediate milestone of having 30 percent of instrument runways equipped with APV by the end of 2010, while most States did not have implementation plans in place.

Currently, the proposed way by the Eurocontrol's SCG (Stakeholder Consultation Group) to move APV implementation forward is through a collaborative approach with the participation of all concerned actors. And this is the approach that SHERPA intends to follow.